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Finalized date: March 13-16, 2014.

ISA SAIT Student Games

Planning for the 2014 Instrumentation Student Games is well underway, with 6 schools planning to participate.

We are currently looking for event sponsorship. More info will be posted soon.  [SPONSORSHIP COMPLETED, THANK YOU]


We aim to make this an annual event at SAIT, primarily organized each year by instrumentation students. Those taking part in the competition will have the opportunity to showcase their skills to industry professionals, their peers, and students and instructors from other institutions. The competition tasks will be designed to simulate real-life pressures and problems that are not normally demonstrated in a lab class, allowing for better preparedness for work after graduation.

Schools send their top four 2nd year students and one instructor/coach. Teams will be a mix of students as opposed to schools competing against each other.

5-6 tasks, ranging from 60-120 min in duration. Possible task areas:

  • DCS and PLC control systems

  • SmartPlant Instrumentation software

  • Electronics (soldering AC-DC bridges)

  • Orifice plate changing and measurement (Rance Fisher Well Site Education Centre)

  • Control valve maintenance and calibration

  • Jeopardy-style trivia

Thanks to everyone who participated, 2014 games were successful!