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ISA-SAIT World Student Games 2019 Results and Thanks


This year, we were pleased to welcome 62 students from schools around the world to the SAIT campus. After three days of competition, here are the final standings:

1st place: Team 18, Light blue (Randal Gabel, Jake Peregrym, Rowen Kowk, Kevin Buch)

2nd place: Team 1, Gold (Jordan Eliason, Kanishk Rai, Carter Park, Keith Tang Kong)

3rd place: Team 20, Dark green (Kyle Morris, Gursimran Sidhu, David Herbert, Yoonsun Kim)

Overall, this event has been a great success, and we’d like to extend a huge thanks to all of those who came out. We also couldn’t have done this without the instructors here at SAIT, our volunteers, and the generous support of our sponsors.

See you next year!