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ISA-SAIT 2015 Election Results


Greetings IIET students,


We, the ISA-SAIT Student Executive, want to state that we appreciate the activity by all those who participated in the election. We also wanted to say that continuing to be active in club activities and offering support throughout the year will greatly benefit both the club and yourself.  In this regard we promote any and all members of the program to register as a Member At Large with the club and join in on the executive meetings to learn about present and upcoming opportunities to get your name and face out there in the industrial community.


With that said, we are proud to present your ISA-SAIT Student Executive for the year 2015/2016:


President – Eli Higgins

1st VP – Jasmeen Virk

Financial Planner – Jordan Rockwell

Membership Director – Chandanie Patharam

Program Director – Antuaneth Rodriguez

Webmaster – Elizaveta Veretennikova

Communications Manager – Gabrielle MacKinnon

2nd VP – Craig Mackenzie

Secretary – Christian Abad

Assistant Membership Director – Zhongwei Wang

Assistant Program Director – Melissa Barragan

Jr. Webmaster – Dave White

Assistant Communications Manager – James Avery

Graphic Designer – Guang Huo


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, we ask that you to send them to us at  We will respond to your email ASAP.


The ISA-SAIT Student Executive