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2nd Annual ISA Edmonton Student Competition


This past weekend, ISA Edmonton student section hosted a student competetion.   A totoal of 24 students from NAIT, Univeristy of Alberta, University of Calgary, and ourself, SAIT participated in the competition.  In order to solve the challenges each team member had to apply their aquired skills and ultimately work together as a unified team.  All in all we had tons of fun, met many new friends, and had a private tour of NAIT’s impressive facility and labs.  Many thanks for everyone involved from NAIT for inviting us to this awesome event!  We extend the invite to all to come and participate in the International ISA Student Games which we will be hosting in March 2017 in Calgary.



Gold went to “Team Red! Teams Members: Tyler Childs-Villeneuve, Craig Mackenzie & Thomas Lijnse

Silver went to the “Green Lanterns”! Teams Members: Logan Schalk, Melissa Barragan & Kasturi Nagesh Pai

Bronze went to “Blue Sapphire”! Team Members: Asmita Patil, Will Zhuo & Ouyang Wu