President’s Leadership Award

We are greatly honoured to have received the President’s Student Leadership Award. A Big Thank You to SAIT and Dr. David Ross for acknowledging all of our accomplishments we have achieved throughout the year. A special Thanks to Mark Tarrant for his leadership in facilitating our now International Status of the SAIT Instrumentation Student Games.33462965795_29ab643eab_o 33307058492_f7173236d3_o 33307049882_497b0b3b6d_o 33307049282_a58b607664_o 33307041512_40e451f842_o 33334896321_b9d4ee5fbf_o 33334896321_b9d4ee5fbf_o (1) 33462931235_99c036a64c_o 33422426636_149b042a7b_o 33462864925_a225790e1c_o 33079674120_dbb6e214fe_o 33422371916_34ac2385a1_o 33306983262_55ce395ea1_o 33079612010_5bd2e1711c_o

ISA Industry Night

With our 2017 Industry night being a success, we here at ISA SAIT, on behalf of our student body, we would like to take the time to thank all of the companies for coming out and participating.  Even though our economy is struggling, and there are not many job opportunities, it means a lot to have all of these companies there offering incites for the future. We would also like to thank the staff at the Best Western for catering and allowing us to use one of their rooms so that we can host this event. Lastly, we would like to thank the students who came out and joined us that night. Without the interest from our fellow classmates this wouldn’t be possible to do.

From all of us here at ISA SAIT, Thank you.

Spartan Controls Ltd.
AutoPro Automation Consultants
Detechtion Technologies
True North Automation
XTO Energy Canada, subsidiary of Exxon Mobil
Envent Engineering
Tundra Process Solutions Ltd.
Innotech Engineering
BBA Engineering Ltd.


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